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Laced from childhood with the love for and ability to crunch numbers, Caline completed her tertiary education with distinction in Accounting and Computer Information Systems.  She continued to expand her knowledge, ultimately acquiring a unique skill set that combines complex financial transactions with an understanding of methods, law and investigation by obtaining the following Certifications: Certified Professional Manager, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Financial Crime Specialist & Graduate Level Certifications in the area of Organizational. Management, Managerial Marketing & Economics and Legal Environment. A leading financial services professional Caline G. Newton CM, CFE, CFCS joined Dupuch & Turnquest Counsel and Attorneys-At-Law, Freeport, Grand Bahama April 2000 and is the Firm’s Accountant | Compliance Manager | Money Laundering Reporting Officer for both the Freeport and Abaco  Practices.

Also a teacher of financial literacy and transformation, a leading personal financial
analyst and strategist and philanthropist, Caline has been delivering financial education through seminars, workshops, curricula, trainings and one-on-one coaching and mentoring since 2000. 


As a transformational and global servant leader, Newton’s extraordinary purpose is ignited in her brand Live Life Free.  Caline’s story of strength, and her unique way of reaching people who are seeking to
embrace an abundance mindset and achieve financial peace and financial freedom in every area of their life, defines her drive to impact and influence humanity’s financial journey and legacy.

Birthed from Caline’s life blueprint and divine revelation, Live Life Free encompasses the surrender and commitment of the whole person to be both authentic and vulnerable and both nonnegotiable and laser-focused in five key areas; thereby harnessing complete abundance and freedom now!  The areas are finances, family, friendship (community) and fitness (functionality) with each area fundamentally built upon the core foundation of faith.  

Although, life will always present pauses, challenges, road bumps and stumbling blocks, we must learn to navigate those times in life and view them as opportunities of transformation; ultimately ensuring that triumphs, successes, abundance and freedom are truly actualized.


The Live Life Free  Experience gives participants bite size tangible useful life nuggets to steer them on their own path to live life free.

Be a part of the journey and experience a 360• transformation.

To Caline, this is more than money. This is Ministry.  Coined the “The Money Maven” by one of her clients, Caline is quickly becoming a sought after voice of financial empowerment and transformation. In October 2018, The Money Maven’s passion was to reach 10,000 people with her message. To date, she has surpassed that number. Her financial advice has been featured in local and international print & radio, podcasts and various social media platforms. You can also hear her every Friday at 5:15pm EST on Dove 103.7FM for Live Life Free Finance Free Friday 5 Minute Money Moment in Matters that Count.  Beginning September 2019, she will be a regular contributor to The Freeport News with creative content under the theme Matter$ that Count.

You can follow Caline “The Money Maven” Newton’s dynamic faith movement in. Matters That Count on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn @calinenewton where she leads you confidently towards Financial Peace, Financial Freedom and Financial Legacy, moving from minutes to moments to ministry with our money.

Live Purposely  | Live Passionately  | Live Life Free

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