Do you know that you are not responsible for what you think about money and what you do with your money?  It is said that 80% of all beliefs and emotions around money is developed by the age of 8 years old due to experiences, family, and culture.  In fact your everyday experiences continue to shape your mindset and your money unless you intentionally disrupt, discard, dream and deliberately decide to do differently through the use of mindset exercises, education and intentional new experiences.  


As a Certified Financial Education Instructor and someone who has used many different planners, journals, notepads, templates, spreadsheets and apps to lean into financial freedom, I know it can be all too confusing to navigate how to shift your current mindset and master your money. 


The Live Life Free Planner was created to house all my education, experiences and expertise in one simply yet comprehensive experience. 


The mission of the Live Life Free Planner is for the user to passionately and purposefully plan, organize and track your money through looking at your money mindset while ultimately mastering your money so you effortlessly stay on course with grace in pursuit of your long-term financial goals; regardless of where you are currently at on your financial journey.


As a result of using the Live Life Free Planner, you will shift your mindset around money, stay laser-focused on your financial goals,  take control of your money, bulletproof your budget, consistently saving, stay focused on your financial goals, live a more free and fulfilling life.


Make meaningful money moves with me The Money Maven as you move from mapping your mindset to mastering your money.


Your sister in the journey,

Live Life Free Planner

Do you want to activate your abundance mindset, accelerate your money and amplify your legacy?


Are you looking for specific tools that can help you organize your life and your money that assists with planning and taking your current reality to the next level?


If so, then the Live Life Free Planner is the perfect planner for you. It is more than a calendar with traditional budget templates.  It includes a major missing piece of money management which is mindset and provides a realistic action plan to put you in a true position to ultimately master your money.  


This 235-page experience includes questions to help you map out your new vision and prepare for the shift, S.M.A.R.T. money planning prompts, wheel of wealth strategy, budget, income + spending, debt pay down tracker and meal planner and grocery list templates, savings challenge spreadsheet, meal plan, educational tips and strategies for saving, spending and budgeting, holiday spending guide, and weekly, monthly, mid year and annual reviews. 


With having all these great templates, it will be amazingly easy to activate a winning money mindset, accelerate your money and amplify your legacy.


Have a magnificent mindset and money mastery year!


mindset exercises:


List your current mindset around money and your new mindset shift. Write your money affirmations that you will repeat daily to train your mind to focus on freedom and abundance.


Dream Big.  Identify you ultimate financial goal. Your big “WHY”. List the top 3 financial goals that you would like to achieve for 2021 to move you to accomplishing your ultimate financial goal.  Review and track your progress on a monthly basis with a mid-Year temperature check-in in June and an annual overview in December. 


Identify about other ways to earn money.  Write down your gifts, skills or talents that others can pay you for that you give away for free. Write down your new skills and actions you need to make more money, save more and spend less.

MY MONEY G.P.A. (Goals + Plan of Action)

Identify and set you S.M.A.R.T money goals.


Live Life Free Tips and Strategies on S.M.A.R.T financial goal setting, Savings, Debt, Spending and Budgeting.


Money Experience:

Bulletproof your Budget

Best way to tell your money what to do.  This spending plan delegates your dollars before you spend.  Write down what you send to compare. 


Temperature Check-Ins (Overviews + Reviews)


Overview: At the end of each month, fill in actual at-a-glance budget summary table, upcoming purchases and billed tables, savings and debt pay down goals table.  

Review:At the end of each month, reflect on the month. Did you meet your budget? Did you achieve your goals? What are you most grateful for? Write out your insights, lessons and improvement ideas for the following month. 



Review: Reset + Refocus. At the end of June, check in on goals set in January. Write down what adjustments you may need to make for the next 6 months to reach goals by end of December. 



Overview: Reflect + Review. Use this annual summary to track your top 3 financial goals, income, essential expenses, spending, debt paid and savings for 2021.


Templates, Trackers and Guides

Savings, Debt, Income + Spending Trackers to monitor progress towards achieving financial goals.  Meal prep + Grocery List Templates and Holiday Thrive Guide to plan and track your budget and spending for your weekly meals and the holiday.


Monthly Calendar View

IMPORTANT DATES: Keep track of pay day, debt due date and amount, bills due and upcoming purchases. 

MONEY DATE: Block out a date and times for budget plan, review + reset.

Live Life Free Planner