Caline G. Newton

Visionary @ Live Life Free

Caline G. Newton has a unique way of reaching people who are seeking to achieve financial freedom in every area of their lives and thereby redefining what it means to have abundance and freedom now.  The Live Life Free message is one that defies cultural, religious, gender, and socio-economic boundaries.  For more than two decades, Caline has offered financial literacy and lifestyle mentorship to many leaders in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Government, Corporate, Civics and Family through various workshops, seminars, curricula, trainings and one-on-one mentorship.

One month before graduating from University with a double degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems, at only twenty years old, Caline was wrought with a life experience that threatened completion of her tertiary education and more devastatingly continuation of her life. At the age of 21, four months after successful completion of University, she was bedridden for three months without the ability to walk or take care of herself; and then embraced an additional four months learning how to navigate like before.  While confined to bed,  Caline determined she had only two choices. To live or die.  With laser-focused faith coupled with the prayers of her family and friends (community), Caline chose to live.  Caline truly believes that prayer is the bridge from panic to peace.

Against this backdrop, Caline dared to defy what life seemed to throw at her. The process of transforming, although not easy, told a disciplined, dedicated and multi-dimensional approach of balancing faith, family, friendship (community), fitness (functionality) and finances.

More than two decades later, she has allowed her initial experiences and everything that flowed from them to transform her to the bold, selfless soul she is today; where she continues to live life free, fully, completely and abundantly.

As a successful financial services professional, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor and endearing Godmother to 14, Caline’s passion to serve now drives her to share her journey to inspire, impact and influence others to also live life free, fully, completely and abundantly with seemingly effortless style!

Life Life Free is the embodiment of what Caline has taught and lived as a transformational thought leader and change agent.

Caline G. Newton is an Accountant, Certified Manager, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Financial Crime Specialist. She is a leading financial services professional in regulatory and statutory compliance,  corporate administration, senior management reporting, fraud prevention, detection and deterrence, global anti corruption, tax evasion, investigation and cyber security, anti-money laundering, risk management, trust management,  and policy development and revision.

Caline is the founder of the non-profit organization ‘Our Grand Bahama,’ the Treasurer of Lupus Bahamas, President of the Catholic Women’s Auxiliary of the St. Vincent de Paul Church and recipient of the distinguished Paul Harris Fellow from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

She enjoys The Spoken Word and walking the beach.